3Designing medications

InkVivo provides a disruptive technology for patients

InkVivo’s Solution

InkVivo has developed an innovative strategy to fabricate delivery systems with a precise temporal release of encapsulated active ingredients. The unique ability of InkVivo is to tune the spatial composition and formulation of the system to regulate the release of the ingredients over time.

Key elements of our technological platform

Targeted release

Localized and prolonged release of active ingredients, nutraceuticals, cells and molecules.

Scalable solution

Scalable production solution, from rapid prototyping to serial production.

Flexible platform

Flexible technological platform that can be tuned to fit a wide range of medical and nutritional applications


Eccellenze ticinesi

InkVivo was presented in the swiss italian television with other startups (xFarm Technologies and Peppers). It was a great opportunity for us to share our experience and vision for the future.

Of supercomputers and chestnut forests: a trip to Ticino

Interesting article from Horizons Magazine about the development of the field of (life) science in Ticino 
Thanks for the interview and support of InkVivo Technologies AG

Venture Kick

Another important achievement for InkVivo and another step closer to achieve our mission to re-design the release of active ingredients! 
If you are interested to know more about InkVivo ⚕ and our technology 👩‍🔬 , just drop us a message and join our adventure!